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The Top 21 Programs:


Unacceptable Levels

What is going into our body? What can we do about it?
Unacceptable Levels explores these issues through the eyes of a father (Ed Brown) and his personal journey, as he attempts to bring these issues to light for all parents. The primary goal? To prevent disease before it happens.


“$tatin Nation”

A film exposing the over-prescription of cholesterol-lowering medications and the misrepresentation of medical evidence.


Reversing the Irreversible

Reversing the Irreversible is a documentary featuring 37 people who have healed illnesses believed to be incurable by medical professionals around the globe. The participants of this film share their unbelievable recovery stories form conditions such as, obesity, fibromyalgia, diabetes, colitis, psoriasis, cancer, and many more. Find out what these people did to reverse the irreversible in this captivating new documentary.



Start a lifelong conversation about diet, disease, and health with ‘Forks Over Knives,’ featuring leading experts on health. ‘Forks Over Knives” will prompt you to examine the questions: Despite having the most advanced medical technology in the world, why don’t we know and why aren’t we healthier?”


Food Matters

“A must-see documentary that has a powerful, life-changing impact on the way we think about food, pharmaceuticals, disease and health. This is a high-end, professionally done feature documentary that hits hard at the core causes behind today’s disease epidemics ” (Mike Adams, the Health Ranger)

“Anyone who is serious about their health needs to see Food Matters.” (Christiane Northrup, MD, Author of Women’s Wisdom).



Doctored is a shocking new documentary on the monopolization of the medical system.


Chow Down

Root for Charles, John, and Garnet as they try to buck the system of pills and procedures and outfox their heart disease and diabetes. Shifting diet to avoid heart disease may be difficult, but this film with heart could restore your life.


Cut, Poison, Burn

In the “war on cancer,” the disease is only half the battle.


Pregnant in America

Life’s greatest miracle in the hands of a nation’s most powerful interests…Discover the truths that convinced two educated American parents, Steve and Mandy Buonaugurio, to opt out of the American Childbirth System. Pregnant in America prepares expecting parents for their uncertain journey of being pregnant and having their baby.


May I Be Frank

Watch as Frank Ferrante, a 54-year old Sicilian from Brooklyn, NY, with a lifetime of drug & alcohol addiction and everything that comes with that is taken on a 42 day journey by 3 twenty somethings that includes raw vegan food and transforms his health, weight, and view of the world in this acclaimed  work.



Is eating the leading cause of disease, disability, and death in the U.S. today? Join over 40 million people throughout the world who have watched this award-winning film. It covers a lot of ground very comprehensively. It is a challenge not to be convinced through the interviews with Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. Neil Pinckney, Dr. Tom Lodi, Dr. Ruth Heidrich and Dr. Joseph Crowe.


Free Food and Medicine

The most powerful food and medicine on the planet is free and it’s growing right outside your door and around your neighborhood. This fascinating informative set of videos equivalent to a 5 DVD set shows how those local plants can be used as food and powerful medicine.

Shilajit Review

Shilajit is a raw natural substance from the Altai range of mountains in Siberia. World renowned for it’s healing powers it is not free from counterfeit scandals. Click here to read the full shilajit review…


Raw Food RICHE$

What would YOU do with the freedom you gain by making your own living in Natural Health?  Here’s How Top Raw Food Chefs Make 
Big Money Teaching Classes and Showing them a healthier way of eating.  Stop doubting it is possible and listen to this now!


The Gerson Tapes

The Gerson Tapes (which is what these 14 tapes are now called) are a collection of timeless information on how the body can heal itself from degenerative disease. There is almost 14 hours of cutting edge information and patient testimonials included in this unique archive.


How To Read Your Own Blood Tests

Now get control over your optimal health, and save you money in the long run, by learning what foods and supplements you really need, depending on your health, lifestyle, diet, sex, deficiencies, age, toxin and parasite exposures, and more.


Simply Raw-
Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days-DVD

Associate Produced by Michael Bedar, ‘Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days’ chronicles six people with diabetes on insulin who switch their diet. The journey and results are amazing. Feature Selection Newport Film Festival, Feature Selection Oakland Film Festival, Silver Award Conscious Life Film Festival.


All Jacked Up

How jacked up do our kids have to get before they notice what’s really going on?  All Jacked Up is an angst-driven portrait of four teenagers who discover the truth about their obsessive and addictive eating habits fueled by their emotions. All this brought on by their parents, schools, and an abusive food system that profits from them with no regard to their well-being.


The World Peace Diet

#1 Amazon Bestseller, The World Peace Diet is called one of the most important audio books of the 21st century: creating the foundation of a new society based on the truth of the interconnectedness of all life.


Heal Yourself 101

The definitive ebook on self healing and true health. This easy to understand book gets right to the point and tells you literally how to turn your life around and never get sick again. No doctors, no pills. Do this at home for almost nothing.



Live more connected with ecology. Teach children about nature. Challenge dominant structures through architecture that brings water, food, cities, and forests back into a cycle

The Greater Good

The Greater Good is a documentary film that looks behind the fear, hype and politics that have polarized the vaccine debate in America today. The film re-frames the emotionally charged issue and offers, for the first time, an opportunity for a rational and scientific discussion. View Trailer